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Parents Ease is Pakistan’s first Digital Online Insurance Agency.

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Company Overview

Parents Ease is to insurance what the internet is to information and what a message is to communication. We have seen that there’s a lack of care for insurance in Pakistan, simply because no one really understand its importance.

Parents Ease has been founded to make insurance buying really effortless. How do we guard this statement? Insurance! say HI to Technology. Adding Technology to Insurance, Parents Ease has transformed it to something which is long and time consuming to something that’s quick and with ease. In the process Parents Ease has managed to place something as colossal as insurance in your own pocket.

Parents Ease is Digital First! That means you’ll be as complacent using it as you are using your phone.

We have made insurance effortless by making it reasonable and smooth because when it comes to uncovering ways to making your life easier, we have no stones unturned.

The new ERA of Insurance has finally arrived.

Underwriting Partner

Our Underwriting Partner for Insurance Policies is Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited. Jubilee General Insurance secures IFRS “AA+” from JCR-VIS & PACRA and “B++” from A.M.Best (Europe). Jubilee is ISO 9001:2015 certified (All Functions including Enterprise Risk Management ERM) and holds Certificate of Merit(Insurance Sector) from SAFA.

Supporting Partner

We are currently incubated at and supported by NIC LUMS